Our Values

We are committed to conducting business with our associates, in a responsible manner, striving to provide the highest quality of customer service and business processes.

The Company provides continuous training and guidance for employees on general safety issues but with a greater emphasis on the safety of product handling and procedures during loading/unloading.

Employee Commitment

The management is committed to creating and maintaining a work environment that promotes mutual trust, cooperation and recognition, ensuring that the development of the Company’s employees is continuous and supported all the way, as well as providing equal opportunities, adopting recruitment practices and criteria that comply with legal requirements that are based on skill(s), qualities, and the educational standard of each individual, regardless of one-sidedness. We comply with all laws regarding intellectual property, protecting the confidentiality of employee records and allowing only authorized personnel to use these records strictly in connection with Company business.

Health & Safety

We implement and abide by a clear set of rules and procedures related to health and safety in the workplace, emphasizing on the provision and access to, the use of personal protective equipment, clean sanitation facilities and drinking water and taking effective measures to prevent possible accidents and injuries


We enjoy a fast moving, goal-oriented environment with excellent opportunities for career development in Egypt. Key to success in our company is the drive and desire of our people to really make a difference to the Egyptian Logistics market whilst simultaneously developing themselves and their career. Logistica believes in fostering young potential and creating an engaging work environment where they can flourish as the company grows.

Please send your CV and covering letter to our HR department at hr@logistica.com.eg

*Learn. Grow. Make an impact. Come join us.*